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    With my music I call God and knock on Heaven’s doors..
    I murmur to trees, rivers and souls.. With my music I soliloquize to my being..
    I cuddle my love and embrace her light..
    I tickle the stars and caress the cheek of the universe.

    “The Extraordinary and International Gaby Farah” - Badiaa Haddad

    "Gaby Farah a gifted promising to be a forever shining star” - Zaki Nassif
    "No fear for music thanks to such a hero: Gaby Farah” - Wadih El Safi

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    “Gaby Farah is one of the pioneers who really dare. His magical amalgam between pure occidental and pure oriental music makes his compositions one of a kind. I simply need two lives to accomplish what he has achieved in just one" - M° Rejo Innanen

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    “Gaby Farah is a multifaceted diamond artist, and mostly a tenor with a brilliant and outstanding voice that hasn’t been heard for more than a 100 years”
    Soprano Micaela Mingheras

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    “You have a quality big and rare voice to the likening of Aureliano Pertile, the famous star of La Scala and favourite of Toscanini”
    Placido Domingo

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