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    A Treasure Trove

    “غابي فرح بموسيقاه فنان الرقي الى الأعالي … يرفع الانسان كله الى رؤوس الجبال”
    البروفسور الأب الدكتور عادل تيودور خوري

    “الموسيقى سلّم القلب الى السماء بجميع مراحل هذا الارتقاء. وغابي فرح بموسيقاه وصوته المميز وادائه فنان الرقي الى الأعالي، لا يطرب الآذان والقلوب فقط بل يرفع الانسان كله الى رؤوس الجبال حيث يطل المتسلق على آفاق الدنيا. وهو الى ذلك داعية السلام ووحدة القلوب في شرقنا الممزق وفي عالمنا الذي تهزه الحيرة. فعسى أن تدق الحانه ابواب القلوب وتنشط العزائم للخير والمودة بين جميع الناس”.

    What about him

    about-him-gabyWith him, we cannot speak other than by our music.
    With him, we breathe in and breathe out music.
    We sweat and bleed music.
    We see, hear, smell, touch, and taste music,
    As music is his second half and his first.

    Gaby Farah, another name engraved on the cedar of the Lebanese flag.
    I might be a poet and a writer, but writing about him gave me the honor of being a historian as I strongly believe that Music and Art are history at its best.
    He himself explained to me that music is the only path to peace: from inner peace to peace among people. That’s why he deeply cares about teaching the history of music to generations and generations of students. Furthermore, he cofounded the Al Mawadda Community, a community that is all about building bridges of tolerance under the logo “Peace to the World”.

    Perched on his cloud nine, he carries people on his eagle wings lifting them to the seventh heaven, enchanting them with his magical notes and mesmerizing them with his divine gifts and “big and rare voice” as described by the famous Placido Domingo, likening him to Aureliano Pertile the star of La Scala and the favorite of Toscanini.

    This multitalented composer and tenor, voice coach and music teacher, pianist and oudist, studio designer and sound engineer specialized in music arrangement and orchestration as well as polyphonic choir is “a multifaceted diamond shining with his international voice and oriental and occidental compositions” as described by his renowned and acclaimed teachers from Mrs. Badiaa Haddad to Soprano Micaela Mingheras. One can summarize his achievements with the words of the Finnish Maestro Rejo Innanen: “I need two lives to accomplish what Gaby Farah has achieved in just one”.

    His jewels of the crown are dwelling in the heart of his kingdom, a ruby-colored studio one ought to visit to discover his astonishing emerald fingers and explore his sapphire dreams.

    Is it entirely by accident or quite by chance,
    meant to be or a must-know,
    a random encounter or pure coincidence,
    a stroke of luck or a fortunate destiny?!
    His works of art are pieces of good fortune.
    His jewels are worth a fortune.
    His music is his fortune.
    Gaby Farah, what a treasure trove!