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    One ambition & One Motto : Peace to the World


    Gaby Farah is one of the cofounders of the Al Mawadda Community whose aims are as follows:

    1. Acknowledge the other, understand his culture, tolerate his differences through constructive dialogue.
    2. Build bridges between people and raise a new generation through education.
    3. Cooperate and collaborate through workshops and events.
    4. Develop immunity against racism, hatred and fanaticism with Al-Mawadda vaccine made of three ingredients: affection, love and compassion.

    The Al-Mawadda team members, with their different nationalities, ages, names & religions…are the humble hearts working together with one spirit, one dream, one wish & one ambition under the motto: Peace to the World. (

    Gaby leaves no opportunity and does not hesitate when it comes to participating in events and concerts for peace especially those involving the youth of Lebanon such as Gladic, and those hosted by his hometown Zouk Mikael.

    Zouk Song For Peace (نشيد الزوق للسلام )

    Koullouna Dou3a2 (كلّنا دعاء)

    Papa Pax

    L Salem