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    A multifaceted artist

    Born in Zouk Mikael on May 10th, 1962, Gaby Farah is a multifaceted composer, singer, and producer. Since 1972, he has been working with private tutors and international mentors focusing on: solfege & theory (Zaki Nassif), vocalization (Badiaa Haddad), analysis & history of music (Marc Henri Mainguy), piano studies (classical & jazz with Setrak A. Setrakian and concert pianist Nawal Shaghouri), harmony counterpoint (Tufic Succar), oud studies & oriental theory & classical oriental singing (Fouad Aouad), and mainly composition & orchestration. After graduating in the mid 90s with a diploma in Music and Classical Opera Singing from Université Saint Esprit – Kaslik (USEK), he had master classes and auditions with the international Tenor and Conductor Placido Domingo and Maestro Eugene Kohn, Simone Alaimo, Denis Dubois & Micaela Mingheras at “Opera de la Bastille” (Paris). Furthermore, he followed studies in acoustics and sound engineering mainly for the purpose of designing and building his own high-end recording studio according to international standards. His compositions are of a “grande envergure” due to his veteran knowledge in music arrangement and orchestration as well as in both oriental and occidental music from polyphonic classical choir to jazz, rock, pop and other contemporary styles.

    Gaby Farah is a most acclaimed tenor with a long career as a soloist in several choirs in his home country and abroad in Germany (Goslar and Hanover) and in France (Opera de la Bastille and Strasbourg Opera Nationale du Rhin). In the early 90s and for a decade, he and his soprano spouse Georgette Sawaya formed a famous and sought-after duo in many Middle Eastern countries. The couple won many international awards and prizes.

    They both represented Lebanon officially, he as a composer and she as an interpreter, in the Second Cairo International Song Festival in 1996 and the Third Cairo International Song Festival in 1997.

    Gaby represented Lebanon in Germany MUSIC BRIDGES/EXPO 2000 in Hannover as a composer, songwriter, and singer. He got the appreciation of “Cappelmeister” Production Company – Peter Hoffman.

    Another song was co-written in this event with Whitney Houston’s famous song lyricist Allan Denis Rich (USA): “Quiet on the border line” (Live concert with Michael Holm, Lamont Dozier, Allan Scott, Elianora McEvoy with the presence of Claus Miner-The Scorpions’ Singer).

    He was awarded many prizes throughout his long fruitful career:

    • Oriental song and Occidental song Prizes in 1995 (National Song Festival, TeleLiban. It is worth noting that Gaby was the only composer in this contest who represented both genres of music and languages)
    • FIDOF membership since 1995 (International Federation of Festival Organizations. California USA)
    • President’s Appreciation Award from Lions Club – USA 1994
    • GLADIC Trophy for producing a music video and participating in a concert for peace in 2013.

    In Studio Gaby Farah, he is into music production & sound engineering: recording, arranging, songwriting, mixing & mastering, composing for big and official events, movie soundtracks, songs and arias, as well as private music teaching and voice coaching.

    Today as always, and as a music coordinator, teacher & master, Gaby Farah’s main concern and dream will be raising “Generations of Peace” as he deeply knows and strongly believes that music not only brings people together but is also a unique opportunity of cross culture exposure and education.